Korea’s premier coffee industry and equipment trade show

Why Participate?

1. Korea: a Rising Coffee Market  韓国 :コーヒー市場の上り調子

Korea’s coffee industry has doubled over the past seven years, seeing an explosion in both import and consumption while catapulting Korea to its place as 11th largest coffee market in the world. South Koreans are now amongst the top global consumers of coffee, and the country is home to over 12,300 coffee shops. With the vast majority of Korea’s coffee imported from overseas, and the emergence of a taste for new varieties of hot and cold beverage, the Korean coffee industry is certainly an exciting place to be. Along with the massive expansion of Korea’s coffee market, Coffee Expo Seoul has doubled it’s size in 3 years from it’s first launch in 2012. Starting from 82 participants, Coffee Expo Seoul is expecting 150 exhibitors in its next edition.

2. Coffee Expo Seoul: コーヒー産業の全体像を見ることができる展示会

Coffee Expo Seoul is the one and only exhibition co-hosted with the Korean Coffee Association, and it is the biggest coffee exhibition held in the first half of the year. Due to the cooperation between the leading exhibition organizer and coffee association, Coffee Expo Seoul can bring together the best in the coffee and coffee related products from around the globe while providing a business platform to all the major coffee players in the coffee industry.

3. Countless Benefits 様々な特典

National Pavilion:

Countries hoping to bring a group of exhibitors to the Coffee Expo Seoul can receive benefits such as special National Pavilion package including booth discounts and additional assistance in booking hotel, city tour and interpreter at a discounted ratesDepeding on the number of booths, the higher the discounts and priority in booth location!

Official Guest Country 主賓国

In 2014 Coffee Expo Seoul welcomed the origin of coffee, ‘Ethiopia’, as the show’s first official guest country. Participating as official guest country is an unbeatable way for a strong coffee market to further promote their coffees and culture, and meet local buyers, at Coffee Expo Seoul. Ever since 2014, Coffee Expo Seoul welcomed major coffee countries such as Colombia, Brazil and Indonesia, and will continue to seek country of the year for our future editions!

4. Diverse Concurrent Events 同時開催イベント

You will find much more than just an exhibition at Coffee Expo Seoul! See, taste and explore coffee via a diverse range of concurrent events such as the World Superbarista Championships, Mint Label New Product Showcase, Seminars, Workshops, and more.

5. Exclusive PR Opportunities 独占マーケティングのチャンス

Mint Label Showcase ミントラベルショー

As the first coffee exhibition of the first half year, you can see the new items of the year at a single space and see the trend of the coffee industry in advance. Companies can shine a spotlight on their most contemporary or popular products in order to introduce them to a commercial audience.

Marketing Stage マーケティングステージ

Coffee Expo Seoul provides a special marketing stage for exhibitors to present new items and expand company branding via sessions and press conferences. Through this stage, participants can effectively and strategically market to their target audience.

Social Media ソーシャルメディア

Through Coffee Expo Seoul official website (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese Versions), facebook, instagram and newsletters, exhibitors can expose their company brands and promote products to a wider public! Come participate and use Coffee Expo Seoul as your business marketing platform!