Korea’s premier coffee industry and equipment trade show

About Coffee Expo Seoul

Coffee Expo Seoul 2021

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July 14 (WED) ~ 17 (SAT) , 2021

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Coex Halls A, B, Seoul, Korea

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Coex, Korea Coffee Association

Exhibit Items:

Coffee (Green Coffee / Roasted Coffee)

Hundreds of varieties of global coffee beans suitable for all types of processing and to suit all tastes, from espressos to exotic blends, an array of light to dark roasts from all over the world.

Raw Materials & Ingredients

Dairy Products, creams and related dairy products, sugars, syrups and sweeteners, cocoa, chicory, cinnamon and other spices, honey, spirits, and more. Every ingredient for the perfect cup of coffee, pastry and drink!

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Machinery & Equipment

State-of-the-art coffee machines, equipment and bar accessories, drink dispensers, soda fountains, cups, mugs and glasses, washers, ice makers and crushers, vending machines, offee grinders, juice, and smoothie blenders.

Gourmet Food & Beverage

Leisure food, sweets, and ice cream, confectionery, chocolate, gelato, ice cream, sweetened fruits, other beverage, and spirits including beer and wine .. the list goes on!


Baked goods, pastries, pizzas, cakes, biscuits, and bakery ingredients, materials, and equipment.

Tea (Specialty Tea, Traditional Tea)

The world of tea collections from tradition, wellbeing, and different types of tea products including tea leaves and bags.

Furniture & Shop Supplies

Cutlery, tableware, table linen, silverware, storage, porcelain, dishes, glasses, and accessories! Everything you need to style your coffee shops and table!

Franchise & Services

Hospitality & Foodservice consultancies,  catering supply, media, and other services!

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Coffee Expo Seoul Timeline: